Thrikkunnapuzha is the north-west part of Alappuzha district, Renowned as Sreemoolavasam, this coastal area found in the kerala history. Thrikkunnapuzha is one of the gateway to the inland water ways of Alappey ,Cruise through small canals , villages and small water lodged town-ships to enjoy the scenic beauty and to get a glimpse of the unspoiled rural life of Kerala ,This palace where narrow canals, rivers, lakes lagoons and land meet are aptly called “ backwaters” It is the land of fishermen.

Thrikkunnapuzha beach is very famous for “Karkidaka Vavu Bali”.The beach of thrikkunnapuzha is very rich in mineral sand called ‘black sand.. “Thrkkunnappuzha Sri DharmaSastha Temple” is one of the famous temples in Alappuzha District